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Book description
In this demanding era of usability, groupware, and globalization, this is the first resource that truly takes group design practice out of the lab and brings it where it is needed - to the development site. Written by a highly respected expert whose career is centered on the creation of smooth-running development teams, this unique book is the first to offer working professionals a field-tested and field-verified approach. Combining the best tools, techniques, and strategies from Joint Application Development (JAD), participatory design, distributed development, and all major team approaches, this book jumps across disciplines to bring you the best methods from all specialties that contribute to system design. But this book does more than draw on all the most successful approaches to team design, as applied in a broad range of real-world situations. The Handbook of Team Design also presents a new system of frameworks for applying these methods. It provides you with guidelines for four separate arenas. Youll get precise procedures, checklists, charts, and workable tools for development in business and information systems, software products, user participation, and technical systems.
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