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Bewildered and terrified after her bridegroom put a pistol to his head and pulled the trigger, lovely young Muireann Caldwell was faced with two options: She could return to her stifiling parents in Scotland and the sheltered existence she once knew, or take a chance and make a new life for herself on her husbands estate, Barnakilla. She refused to go running home in defeat, and besides, her late husbands darkly handsome estate manager promised that together they could make something worthwhile of her inheritance. For the first time she felt safety in a mans arms, saw respect in his eyes.Lochlainn Roche could no longer stand by and watch the people of Barnakilla suffer. It was his boyhood home, and the lush greens of Ireland called him back. Now with Muireanns pluck resourcefulness to aid him, he was sure that the could succeed in restoring Barnakilla to its former majest. As they fought side by side against the ravages of the Potato Famine, the seeds of love were planted in their tender hearts. But would the unveiling of secrets test the strength of a bond formed in tumultious times, or would to lost souls finally feel that they had found their way home?
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