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Not that I have a particularly strong interest in Canadian politics, but Fallis Best Laid Plans was charming enough to want to see what happened next. And so I did, although, like so many sequels, High Road is slightly inferior than its predecessor and absolutely unnecessary. It pretty much hits all the same notes again, not really offering something new and primarily riding on the strength and the aforementioned charm of its rugged hirsute unflaggingly principled and indomitably honest hero, Angus McLintock and his physically uncoordinated, yet otherwise quite able and equally versed in proper grammar, executive assistant/friend. This time around Angus decides to properly win a seat in the office and singlehandedly save the Canadian infrastructure. Its a cute book, but the novelty is gone this time around, theres much too much politics and not enough humor. Might have been more of a wild concept back when it was published under the conservative Canadian government of 2010, but not so much now with their new uber liberal feminist distractingly good looking prime minister. Entertaining enough.
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