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Book description
Cooked Alive by Bradley Poage is one of his many fun-to-read short stories in the Bedtime Tales of Horror series. Cooked Alive is a tale of betrayal and revenge, with a totally unforeseen twist at the end... actually, TWO unforeseen twists.As always, Bradley has managed to tell a complete story in just a few short pages. Eric is devastated to find his lovely wife in bed with his best friend. In his anger and shame, he plots a revenge to punish both of them. But will his plan turn out the way he expects it will?Crawl into Erics brain and spend a few moments with him, as he puts his plan into motion. You may find that a broken heart is one wound time will not heal. If you are new to Bradley Poages Bedtime Tales of Horror series, Cooked Alive is a great story to begin with.
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