TXT Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales: Piano/Vocal/Guitar by William Cole (Editor) pdf information francais pc online

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Titles from England: Hares on the Mountain • Allan Water • My Boy Willie • Greensleeves • The Three Raven • Early One Morning • Lavenders Blue and more. Titles from Ireland: Let Erin Remember the Days of Old • The Rising Moon • The Road to the Isles • and more. Titles from Wales: The Bells of Aberdovey (Clychau Aberdyfi) • The Kind Old Man (Yr Hen Wr Mwyn) • Over the Stone (Tros y Gareg) • The Dove (Y Deryn Pur) and more.
Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales: Piano/Vocal/Guitar by William Cole (Editor) ebook finder bookstore amazon free

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