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Book description
This book started out promising. Hal was part of an occupying force on a planet because thats what we do. Just ask the American Indians. The aliens were trying to fight humans off and this time having success. Things looked bleak for our occupying forces. To maintain planetary dominance we were going to have to commit atrocities, and break our truces, all just to survive. Then suddenly Hal wakes up in a hospital off-planet with 16 hours of his memory gone.Cool premise, right?Then this 1961 book takes a left turn to try to outdo Heinleins Starship Troopers, published in December of 1959, but ends up being nowhere near as funny. Light spoilers ahead. (view spoiler)[Instead of trying to figure out what happened to his memory, Hal joins some Peace Corps branch and goes through Basic Training again to be indoctrinated to the ways of peace and good will to other cultures. The story meanders away from there with Hal learning how aliens have value and how difficult it is to convince soldiers to be tree-huggers, I mean alien-huggers. We get some watered down, didactic message on embracing other civilizations instead of conquering them, how it is better we go naked to the stars rather than carrying guns and subjugating aliens. Oh, and somewhere in there we find out what happened with the missing time, but by then we dont care because its just to make us realize how we should never mistreat well-intentioned alien cultures. (hide spoiler)]
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