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Book description
This is the 10th entry in the Pennyfoot Hotel series. It’s September 1910 and Baxter has returned to the Pennyfoot as part owner/manager of the hotel and as Cecily’s suitor. One of the guests, Lord Sittingdon, a London prosecutor and judge, dies of food poisoning one day after Baxter returns. There are several people in the hotel, guests and staff alike, who have very good reason to rejoice in his death. Cecily feels she must investigate because they (Baxter and Cecily) can be charged with the death because they provided the food that was poisoned and the hotel would be shut down as a result.All this happens in the first few pages of the book and the rest of the cozy mystery is involved with three things:(1) Determining the identity of the murderer (you spot the definitive clue very easily in this book); (2) Updating and expanding the social changes of the post-Victorian era, particularly involving suffragette issues but also involving abortion issues and basic women’s right to business and social access; and (3) Progressing the relationship between Cecily and Baxter.The writing style is smooth, the editing is accurate and the dialog is spot-on based on experience with writers who actually lived in that time period. Also, the upstairs-downstairs tableaux feel historically accurate.This is a fine book, good for the mind and soul after a hard day, and I look forward to the next in the series.
Death with Reservations by Kate Kingsbury (Goodreads Author) read original portable online information

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