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Book description
Joseph A Citro is well-known, at least in New England, for writing the spookiest books about the oddities of New England. Weird New England is the fodder for another sleepless night and a string of nightmares! I picked this book up the other day for my classroom. Students LOVE reading scary tales leading up to Halloween, and Ill do just about anything to get them to read! Middle school and high school students, especially from or with connections to New England, will love this book ... if theyre not easily rattled. The book is filled pictures and short articles on anything and everything weird. Alleged UFOs and alien abductions in New Hampshire. A haunted cemetery in Vermont. Teleported trains in Maine. Ghost squirrels in Connecticut. Yes, ghost squirrels. Oh, theres something for everyone in this book of trouble twisted tales ... if ... you dare. ;)
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