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Just before boarding the Bride Train, outspoken intellectual Florence Peabody unofficially adopts two children to save them from a terrible fate.Lawyer Benjamin Elliott is desperate to find the quiet, obedient wife he promised his identical twin, Ranger. Though hes decided never to marry, he enjoys Florence’s company. When she must produce a husband to save her children, he conveniently steps in.Florence is everything Ranger detests, but he tells Ben that valley wives share their husband’s partners. Florence is hesitant until youngest brother Patrick welcomes her with a toe-curling kiss. With the most sexual experience, Ranger beds Florence the first time. For once, she lets go of reason and lets passion rule. When she wakes, she eagerly attacks Ben.But Ranger’s tough guy attitude is too much for Florence and choosing between them is tearing Ben apart. Will Ranger open his heart, or must Florence leave?
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