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Im sure this is a very nice book. It looks to be well researched and written. I cant exactly remember why I requested it from the library but I did. I didnt make it past the first chapter. I have a few memories of going to the little video store in town and renting videos. I remember when blockbuster moved in in the bigger towns nearby. I remember a conversation a few years ago with the clerk that I was older then him and over both 16 and 18 (I was 22) and that I didnt need my parents permission to get my very own blockbuster card and that I could take out R-rated movies if I desired. Despite those memories, Im not very knowledgeable about movies (I did see the re-release of Star Wars in the theater). We rarely rented them or watch them in a theater. I, gasp, dont have a netflix account.After receiving this slim volume from the library, I leafed through it and thought perhaps it would help me better understand the current culture and phenomenon that is movies at home & netflix. It may have, had I not fallen asleep every few pages. This book is just just not for me as I think I really dont care to understand that aspect of todays culture. Additionally, some really yucky rainy weather did not help entice me to continue to read this book. Im not going to rate it because I feel it would be unfair as Ive not read it all the way through and my reasons for abandonment are that it is due to be returned (w/o renewal option) and I have a large pile of other books waiting to be read. I do urge you to check it out, read the official blurb and skim the introduction. I hate abandoning a book -- it is something that took someone considerable time, energy, and knowledge to put together.
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