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Book description
This book is excellent. It comes with a CD for read along. More than that, it is a Combined Volume with 20 of the Farmyard Tales books. Each book has two separate versions which may be read independently or as a longer story. The version at the top of the page is a simple sentence version of the book and is approximately a first grade reading level. The version at the bottom of the page is a more complicated and detailed version of the book and is approximately a second or third grade reading level. A great way to read this book to a baby or toddler is to read only the top line. As the child gets older, read the bottom line as well. When the child starts to read, have them read the top line and you the bottom line. This will give them a great sense of accomplishment which is so important for success in reading. This is a book that can grow with your child. All stories involve the same characters. Dont forget to look for the duck on each page. Purchase this book at my Independent Consultant Website: www.ubah.com/s2995
The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales (Usbourne Farmyard Tales) by Heather Amery online how to eng without registering eReader

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