Happipets is a brand new way to make your children play with words: it's a game, a learning tool, a visual puzzle and a creative canvas, all in one App.   

Children can use Happipets in three different ways: Play, Beasts and Create. 

In the "Play" mode, children can use letters to create real animals like Lions, Horses, cats and many others. Letters can be moved, turned, resized and flipped. They can always use the help button to see the solution :-) 

"Beasts" is just like "Play" but here children will meet some fantastic creatures like the mythic Edufefeo or the weird Souot. 

In the "Create" mode, children can use more than 170 letters to create their own Happipets, save them in the camera roll and share them with mail or facebook. Fantasy is the only limit ;-)