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Queer Pilipino Rebolusiyon with ms. nikki giovanni to thank forby Joël B. Tanyesterdayon live televisionprime timemr. newsman asked mewho i thought ourgreat white hopewas for this election year andi said, ”thiscoloredqueerdon’thave a hope to drop-dead on”i called forrebolusiyoncause i gotreal tired of askingreal nice likefor our human rightsand i figure what would itmatter anyway, since they don’tlisten to queersor coloredsunless they getdownrightaggressiveand meanand use big words likerebolusiyonall of a suddenthey get thesemalnutritioned visions of apocalypsein their minds aboutkillin’ people and burnin’ shit up.rebolusiyon is a big smartbenevolentwordthat involves more than violence rebolusiyonstarts with the mindand the selflike bright yellowknowledge imploding in your brainmerging with your deepdeepestsoul-partthen coming out your mouthout your handsout your private partsand falling dead smack in the middle of yourheart.so you seerebolusiyon ain’t scary.uh-uh, in fact,rebolusiyonis a freeing,mango-juicydopefat, fresh, fly liberatingemancipatingejaculatinggyratingtitillatingbootie-groovingearth movingthis is the dawning of the age of aquariuslove thangwrapped up in a whole lot ofhistoricalcommon sense.word.funny thing is sincei look like a monkey in suitsand t.v. only gives youfive seconds to speak your peacei thought that rebolusiyon waslikeoffering the worlda one-wordpoem. - October 1992
Asian American Sexualities: Dimensions of the Gay and Lesbian Experience by Russell Leong (Editor) tom kickass download pc book

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