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The term Caucasian is a curious invention of the modern age. Originating in 1795, the word identifies both the peoples of the Caucasus Mountains region as well as those thought to be Caucasian. Bruce Baum explores the history of the term and the category of the Caucasian race more broadly in the light of the changing politics of racial theory and notions of racial identity. With a comprehensive sweep that encompasses the understanding of race even before the use of the term Caucasian, Baum traces the major trends in scientific and intellectual understandings of race from the Middle Ages to the present day.Baums conclusions make an unprecedented attempt to separate modern science and politics from a long history of racial classification. He offers significant insights into our understanding of race and how the Caucasian race has been authoritatively invented, embraced, displaced, and recovered throughout our history.
The Rise and Fall of the Caucasian Race: A Political History of Racial Identity by Bruce Baum full reading ios online apple

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