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Rolemaster Companion V continues the tradition of previous RMCs by adding game- enhancing optional rules for both the Rolemaster player and Gamemaster. Something for every campaign can be found in this one volume. Rolemaster Companion V includes:• Three all-new and unique professions: the Wizard, an unequalled manipulator of the very laws and fundamentals of magic itself; the Maleficant, the prince of terror and the definitive voodoo priest; and the Forcemage, the master of gravity, magnetism and unbridled force.• New character creation options, skills, spell research rules, combat and spell casting options, creatures, treasures, equipment, and rules for determining various materials intergrity.• Over 1,000 new spells, including spells for wish magic, time travel, the earth- blood, and new base lists for professions such as Alchemists and Druids.• New attack tables for Spell Law® and Arms Law.• New critical strike tables for starvation, neurological, disintegration and pure Essence-based attacks.
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