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The ultimate papercrafters book is here! This treasure trove filled with ideas, inspirations, and 120 projects is the natural follow up to the super success of Michaels Book of Arts & Crafts (300,000 copies sold to date!).Scrapbookers, book crafters, card makers, decoupage, and paper Mache enthusiasts-they number in the millions and their industry generates billions of dollars each year. Now theres a Michaels crafts book just for them, representing the most popular, fastest-growing crafts in North America.An incredible variety of ideas is showcased in this one jam-packed colorful volume; every single item is inviting, each technique intriguing, and all the newest tools and papers are presented so that anyone at any level can create professional effects right at home. Most of the projects in the 10 chapters are both exquisite and functional, and range from home decorating accessories (lampshades, photo frames, placemats) to keepsake items (journals, books, cards, scrapbooks), and from great gifts to holiday ornaments.Magnificent full-color project and how-to-photographs bring the techniques to life and make them easy to follow. Heres an irresistible invitation to explore collage, paper clay, paper weaving and surface design. Stamped and embossed cards look like the expensive ones found in stores, paper clay dragonflies sparkle and shimmer; an elegant wedding announcement features fine embroidery and a tiny silver heart. These pages provide nothing less than endless inspiration.A Main Selection of the Crafters Choice Book Club.
The Michaels Book of Paper Crafts by Dawn Cusick (Editor) book eReader pdf story spanish

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