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From the smouldering fires of hell itself , evil unleashes a new reign of horror. The Fiends of Hell Take Many Shapes....Like the bloated toad devil of The Black Stone; the forty-eyed monster of The Valley of the Worm; and the black shadowy guardian of The Fire of Asshurbanipal. Like Satha, the mighty serpent whose fangs drip a venom that can burn though stone. And Wolfshead, the demon of the full moon. To engage them in mortal combat: heroes to match all monstrous guiles, godlike men to pale all legends. Here, from the pen of the master, are classic tales of horror adventure that will quicken your heartbeat , and draw you into the throes of nightmare.Contents:Introduction by Robert BlochThe Black StoneThe Valley of the WormWolfsheadThe Fire of AsshurbanipalThe House of ArabuThe Horror from the MoundCover Illustration: Paul Lehr
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