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First in a new series from RWA Golden Heart® winning author and RITA® Finalist, AE Jones Meet Alex Bennett—wedding phobic in a family of wedding planners. Not the best combination, but being left at the altar can wreak havoc on one’s self-esteem. When Alex’s grandmother requests her help with a high-profile wedding, Alex sets aside her fears to attend. But when the bride runs away, and her grandmother’s business faces ruin, Alex will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth. Even when the truth leads to sabotaged weddings and a runaway bride who isn’t human. The last thing Alex needs to deal with is the overbearingly handsome man brought in to lead the investigation. Meet Devin Cole—a paranormal with no powers. Guilty until proven innocent, his powers have been rescinded until his upcoming trial, which he should be preparing for. He doesn’t have time for a runaway bride case. But the bride is a supermodel who also happens to be supernatural, so he and his team must handle damage control. The last thing Devin needs to deal with is a tempting woman who insists on being part of the investigation…and has half the horny supernatural male population chasing after her. But with humans and supernaturals bent on destroying each other, Alex and Devin must put aside their differences and work together. Can Devin protect Alex and defeat the enemy without his powers? And now that Alex knows supernaturals do exist, can she once again believe in a fairy-tale happily ever after?
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