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Book description
An idyllic rainforest that holds dark secrets. A cold-hearted criminal and a woman on the run. A bushfire, racing across the Australian bush, eating up everything in its path… None of this is quite what Georgie B. Goode, 8th generation gypsy, expected in her first month in Australia! After telling Georgie that one day he will take her to visit all the places he has told her about in Australia, Scott Mowbray has finally persuaded her not only to visit, but also to spend a year exploring the country with him. But...well, you know Georgie. She couldnt leave her crystal ball behind, and just because shes way Down Under in the southern hemisphere, that doesnt mean that she will stop attracting trouble! People who need Georgie and her special skills always seem to find her, wherever she is. Georgie is visiting Scott’s parents on the Gold Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia, in a little place called Canungra, near Tamborine Mountain. It’s an idyllic place, cool and green and beautiful. There, Scott’s parents, Louise and Tony Mowbray, have established a private campground for RVers on their family property. As an act of kindness, they let a lone traveller called Shirley stay on as their caretaker. But Shirley has a secret. Shes running from something in her past, and her past is about to catch up with her…just as everyone else is running from the bushfire that threatens to take away everything the Mowbrays have worked for.
Good Intentions: A Georgie B. Goode Australian RV Mystery by Marg McAlister (Goodreads Author) italian kindle online eReader review

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