BETTER Mr. Right Now: Vol. 1: Party Boys Who Get What They Want by H.J. Bellus (Goodreads Author) txt full version tom free direct link

Book description
Volume #1Four BrothersDax Cole Eli KamOne chain of night clubs...”Made To Sin”They’ve been to Tampa, New York, and Atlanta leaving behind their signature and very sexy nightclubs. It’s time the boys bring their club to the West Coast. Their business life is intriguing, nightclub life is entertaining, but it’s the after party in the hotel where the sin really begins. Dax, Cole, Eli, and Kam have no boundaries when it comes to their desires. Whatever they want, they get. The only rule is: there are no rules. Anything goes behind closed doors. No limits. The Made to Sin men are party boys who get what they want, and LA is their next target. Are you ready to party with the Made to Sin men?-This is a four-part erotic serial.-Not suitable for readers under 18.
Mr. Right Now: Vol. 1: Party Boys Who Get What They Want by H.J. Bellus (Goodreads Author) online full buy text how read

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