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Book description
After Kenjay’s car accident he is left to pick up some pieces. Leodonis has a spot for him on the throne. Kenjay has a choice of accepting the crown or losing Latavia forever. Latavia is fed up with Kenjay’s secrets. She makes a decision that might end them for good. The twins are back! Sameer and Jameer turn against each other because of Jameer’s betrayal. Events take a turn into the deep end. Will forgiveness be too late before tragedy strikes? Shine has a new love interest but there is one problem. Caroline doesnt think anyone is good enough for her successful son. What lengths is a mother willing to take to keep her son from falling in love? Once Kenjay’s family meets the FAM his world is filled with twist and turns. When the families ties together they stick together, they become unstoppable. In this final installment more secrets, lies, and betrayal reveals. Hearts are broken and everyone has a past that will catch up to their future.
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