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After watching the wonderful movie Miss Potter starring Renee Zellweger, I had to read this 1946 biography of Beatrix Potter written right after her death at age 77. It was published by the same company -- Frederick Warne & Co., Inc. -- that published her famous childrens books. I was pleased to discover that the movie was fairly true to real life, especially in the romance with Norman Warne, though their engagement and his death took place later in their lives than in the movie -- they were both almost 40.The book also reveals the amount of detail that went into her drawings, and she was meticulous about authenticity of detail and color. In The Tailor of Gloucester, for instance, she sketched from clothing at the Victoria and Albert museum and was allowed to take models out of their cases such as the embroidered waistcoat. She drew like a naturalist.
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