How can I
save my Yahoo emails to my computer?? Solutions!!

Professionals should regularly keep the backup of their important emails or critical information, particularly when mail servers might become temporarily unavailable. Saving messages from your Yahoo mail account to your system hard drive by copying each particular email, is very time-consuming. You can save your Yahoo mail to your hard drive very easily by setting up the account in an email client such as Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook. The webmail client will download all the emails from your account to a folder on your system hard drive. Here, we are providing you the information which you required while configuring your email in the email client and help you in finding the answer to the problem how to save Yahoo emails to the computer?

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To save Yahoo emails with the help of the Microsoft Outlook

· First, go to the start button.

· First, click on the "Start" button, then "Control Panel” and you need to type "mail" into the search field and then choose "Mail" from the results.

· Press "E-Mail Accounts" and then click "New".

· You need to select "Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types" and then press "Next"

· Choose "Internet E-Mail" from the options and then press "Next". Type your
display name, email address and password into the relevant fields.

· Select "POP3" from the drop-down menu of the Account Type. Type "" into the field of Incoming Server.

· Type "" in the field of the Outgoing Mail Server.

· Press on the "More Settings" button and then select the "Outgoing Server" tab. Choose "My Outgoing Server Requires Confirmation".

· Press "OK", then click on the "Next" button.

· After clicking, you need to select the new mailbox from the list and then check the message on the bottom of the window to view where the mail files are saved.

To save Yahoo emails with the help of the Windows Live Mail

· First, you need to choose "Add E-Mail Account" from the left pane. Type your Yahoo email address and password into the relevant fields.

· Type your display name and then choose "Manually Configure Server Settings for E-Mail Account."

· Press "Next."

· Choose "POP3" as the incoming mail server and then enter "" in the field of the Incoming Server.

· Type "995" in the field of the Port and then choose "This Server Requires a Secure Connection."

· Make sure "Clear Text Authentication" option is checked, and then you need to type your username in the Email ID field.

· Type "" in the field of Outgoing Server field and then type"465" into the field of the Port located below Outgoing Server Information.

· Choose "This Server Requires a Secure Connection " and "My Outgoing Server Requires Verification."

· Press "Next" and then choose "Set This Account as the Default Mail Account" if needed.

· Press "Finish" button to download all the emails to your computer.

· Click "Alt-F" button and need to choose Options> Mail

· Press the "Advanced" tab and then select "Maintenance".

Press the "Store Folder" to view the location of the saved email on your hard drive of your computer system.

This above-mentioned information will definitely help you to save all your yahoo mail to your desktop. If you find any difficulty, you can give a call to Yahoo customer support- 1-844-773-9313 (USA, CANADA) available online for instant support.