IKEA and DDB inspire with a colorful outdoorcampaign.

Belgium has many kinds of grey: grey buildings, grey streets and grey weather. The country could definitely use some extra color. IKEA is setting the tone with a series of colourful outdoor ads designed by DDB Brussels, promoting the new IKEA spring collection.

From a distance you will only see a coloured square with the IKEA logo and the activating headline: ‘choose color’. When you get closer, an optical illusion makes the products of IKEA's spring collection appear.The yellow, red and green billboards produce a cheerful effect in the Belgian streets which inspire Belgians to bring more color into their houses as well.
The new campaign addresses people’s spring hopes, plans and intentions: the first beams of sunshine, a spring clean, remodelling, refurbishing. Usually people don’t get any further than making plans.

Here's our casemovie explaining the idea:
Advertiser: IKEA
Clients: Peter Jongert; Christine Van den Winckel
Campaign: IKEA Spring Collection
Concept Agency: DDB Brussels
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creative Team: Tim Arts – Stefan Van Den Boogaard
Account Team: Francis Lippens – Kaat De Brandt – Astrid De Paep
Strategic team: Dominique Poncin – Maarten Van Daele
Design: Andreea Buescu
DTP: Coraline Barbe – Gaetane Goethals
Media agency: Initiative Media

More info: francis.lippens@ddb.be